SNUFFY AND BABIES | Miffy Postcard
  • SNUFFY AND BABIES | Miffy Postcard

    The hand-printed graphics on a thick and roughpaper gives an impression.
    Putting the postcards on frames would make a good interior decoration.


    Due to the hand printing method, it may have little stains on the back and margin of the edge might not be even.

    두께감 있는 수입지에 핸드프린트된 그래픽이 인상적입니다.
    액자에 넣어 인테리어 장식으로 활용이 가능합니다.



    [Miffy and Friends]
    Zero per Zero is producing products of Miffy and friends' illustrations through a license agreement with (c)Mercis bv in the Netherlands.

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      silkscreened on Insize Modigliani (Italy) 360gsm