- Large printed poster of a hand drawn Newyork railway system on a heart.
- A poster which used silkscreen printing technique. The posters are produced by hand one by one, and the vivid colors are the key feature of silkscreen printing.
- Limited edition.
- Each of the posters is signed by the illustrator.

하트 위에 뉴욕 레일웨이 시스템이 핸드 드로잉으로 그려진 대형 포스터입니다.

실크스크린 인쇄를 이용해 한 장씩 수작업으로 한정 제작 되었으며 스크린 인쇄되어있어 색이 생생한 것이 특징입니다.

Edition of 24 / 2014
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    printed on Insize Modigliani (Italy) 260gsm

    *signed and numbered.
    *framed printings are shipped via EMS(3 ~ 4 business day Express Mail Service) with tracking information.
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