Norwegian Wood
  • Norwegian Wood

    The original artworks are by illustrator Jin Sol, one of the two creative directors of ZERO PER ZERO. Scenes from numerous personal travels around the world are reinterpreted with painterly brushstrokes. Acrylic paint.

    제로퍼제로의 디렉터 진솔 작가의 오리지널 아트웍입니다. 세계 여러 곳들을 여행하며 만났던 장면들을 생생하게 원화로 표현하였습니다.
    • Details

      자작나무 숲
      Acrylic paint on paper

      39.1cm(w) x 54.1cm(h)

      Wood with glass

      *Artworks are shipped via EMS(3 ~ 4 business day Express Mail Service) with tracking information.