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We introduce the products that we collaborated with Japanese companies.








The globe



Production :  WATANABE


WATANABE is the Jpanese company who has made globes over 80 years.
As theire motto 'Learning through the universe' they make products to give people dreams and inspiration.


The globe is based on our Worldmap, beige, in English.
The map is printed in one paper and make a shape.

Therefore you can see the joint lines which is the specificity of WATANABE !


You can buy it here.












Illustration Design : ZEROPERZERO

Production :  KOKUYO


The sketch book from KOKUYO designed for surveyors working under rigorous conditions.

Due to its compact size, thick resin cover which allow easy writing while still standing.

The illustration of FLAM is printed as gold colour on the cover.

It is our original design product, it is only sold in ZEROPERZERO.



You can buy it here.








MT series



Production :  MT


 MT(KAMOI KAKOSHI) has been made the tape over 90 years.

As well known the specialty of MT is the uniqueness of Japanese washi paper, strong yet thin.

We ordered our original product and we started to make them as a series.


You can buy them here.


































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