Number Plate Calendar | Large
  • Number Plate Calendar | Large

    * Please read all cautions underneath before you put in the cart.
    *If you want to see different colour combination of the plates, please check our NOTICE.

    The Number Plate was used in Japan before the machine for the ticket number came out.
    Now it is rarely used, we decided to use them to design the calendar. The set is 50 numbers so we made 31 numbers for dates, 7 alphabets for days, 12 numbers for months. You can

    Since all the process are done by hand, please check the cautions before you purchase.

    - The wood plate can be slightly tilted and has small knots or cracks(You can check the sample of it in the pictures)
    - We brought the number plates from different companies in Japan therefore the font or material of plates might not be exactly same.
    - We use back side of number plates to make the day and month plates, therefore they might a bit scratched by friction. Also the numbers on the back side are the random numbers. (You can check the sample of it in the pictures)
    - It is possible that the alphabets of days and months plates might not perfectly horizontal-vetical since they are made by hands. Also the nails on the wood palte.
    • Details

      Large : 40 x 60 x 0.9 cm

      Plywood finished by wax and oil / Plastic plates.

      *It takes 2 weeks for shipping*

      Colour option for the plates.
      (Choose 2 colours for months/days and dates)
      Large Days/Months : Green/Red/Blue/Skyblue/White/Yellow/Pink
      Large dates : Green/Red/Blue/Skyblue/White/Yellow/Pink

    Days/Months Plate
    Dates plate