BEIGE 26cm | Globe
  • BEIGE 26cm | Globe

    We are happy to introduce you to our new globe!
    We've made the original globes by hand drawing since 2012. Many people have loved the globes, but it took much money and time to make. So we decided to make them a more practical way. Thanks to the WATANABE, the Japanese company who has made globes over 80 years, we could make it. As their motto 'Learning through the Universe', they make products to give people dreams and inspiration. It took a year to develop and finally, the globe came out.

    It is based on our world map, beige, in English.
    There is 4 felts pieces to put underneath the fixture to prevent slipperiness but need to be careful since it is not strong enough to hold them perfectly. The map is printed in one paper for the shape, so you can see the joint lines which is the specificity of WATANABE.

    와타나베 사에서 제로퍼제로 월드맵 베이지를 지구본 데이터로 만들고 보완했으며 시제품 생산을 거치는 등 1년 이상의 개발 끝에 오리지널 지구본의 원형을 그대로 재현해낸 지구본이 나오게 되었습니다. 와타나베사는 1937년 설립되어 80년째 지구본과 천구의를 만들어 온 지구본 전문 회사입니다. Learning through the Universe를 모토로 사람들에게 꿈과 영감을 주고 싶은 마음을 담아 제품을 만드는 회사로, 최근에는 일본의 디자인 회사 NENDO와 콜라보레이션한 특별한 지구본도 만든 바 있습니다.

    • Details

      Size - diameter 26cm
      Material - Plastic, paper, wood.
      Made in Japan

      By EMS. It might take 3-4 days

      - The paper is coated but please avoid the water to prevent discolor.
      - Recommand to avoid the direct sunlight or heat to prevent a crack or discolor.
      - There is a possibility having visible joins on the map.
      - When you move it, please hold the neck part of the wood feature.
      - The refund does not apply to damages caused by misuse.
      - There might be thorns on the wood please be aware of it.
      - Keep it beyond your children's reach.

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