Date: 12 Jan 2012 ~ 31 Jan 2012

Venue Exhibition : KT&G 상상마당 Sangsang Madang, Seoul, Korea

This exhibition features a graphic journal of the 2-week-long trip throughout the late-fall Norway in 2011. In addition to the silkscreen posters premiered at the Mag n Mag pop-up store, new works such as silkscreen posters of Northern European Railway, painting pieces inspired from photographs taken during the trip, and acrylic panels were on display. All works exhibited will be displayed through February 2012 at the cafe on the sixth floor of Sang Sang Ma Dang. More photos of the exhibits are available on Flickr.

2011년 늦가을 2주동안 노르웨이 여행을 담은 그래픽 여행기입니다. mag n mag 팝업스토어에서 처음 선보인 실크스크린 포스터들을 포함, 새로 작업된 북유럽 레일웨이 실크스크린 포스터와 여행 사진을 보고 그린 페인팅 작업들, 아크릴 패널 등을 전시했습니다.

Sangsang Madang


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