STITCH JAPAN Client : Stitch Japan BAGGU bag Client: Tokyo Metro Design: ZEROPERZERO A4 file folder These products are only available for purchase in Japan through Stitch Japan. Please contact STITCH JAPAN (TEL. 03-5768-2233(平日10:00-19:00)/ E-MAIL : for any inquiries. #collaboration #work


WINDOWCOLLECTOR Date : 9 October 2018 - 3 November 2018 the WINDOWCOLLECTOR collects windows. windows are modified or sometimes imagined. the WINDOWCOLLECTOR does not invade the privacy of people. WINDOW COLLECTOR는 창문을 수집한다. 수집한 것을 변형하여 그리거나 가상의 창문을 상상해서 그린다. 다른 이의 사생활을 침해하지 않는다. @WINDOWCOLLECTOR #space1632 #work

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[ NEW ] A5 NOTE - Paris You can order the products here Paris (front) (back) SILKSCREEN POSTCARD You can order the products here TRAVEL NOTE2 You can order the products here #main

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